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Photoshop CS3 New Features

Dec 28, 2006 1 Comment

cs3 logo

After a long wait, Adobe has finally released a beta version of Photoshop CS3. There are numbers of changes and new features. CS3 is now available as a Universal Binary for Intel-based Mac computers and Windows computers. Get a beta version of Photoshop CS3 and have fun with the following tips:


One of the obvious changes in Photoshop CS3 is the palette interface. Now you can dock, collapse or expand toolbar palettes to save workspace.


Smart Filter

CS3 now allows you to apply Smart Filters, so your Smart Object remained non-destructive and re-editable. To apply Smart Filter, select one or more layers, go to Filter > Convert for Smart Filters. Then apply any filter as you want. You can edit the Smart Filter mask to adjust the filter’s effects or simply toggle it on/off.

smart filters

Refine Edge

One click button, it allows you easily to feather, contract, and expand your selection. It provides preview in various modes (quick mask, on white, on black background, etc.), so you know exactly how your selection will turn out.

refine edge

Auto Bend Layers

Auto-Bend Layers allows you to seamlessly bend related images together. Below are two photos I took at New York City, side by side.

auto bend 1

Put them together in separate layer, overlapping each other.

auto bend 2

Select both layers, go to Edit > Auto-Bend Layers. Photoshop will do the magic and bend the layers you selected together. It even fixes the lighting and color for you, so your image bends seamlessly.

auto bend 3

Auto Align Layers

Here I will show you how to create a panoramic image (combined from several images) in just couple of steps:

1. Collect several related images on separate layers.

auto align 1

2. Go to Edit > Auto-Align Layers. Photoshop will automatically analyze the contents, moving and rotating the layers so they overlap as precisely as possible.

auto align 2

3. Then apply Edit > Auto-Bend Layers again to bend the image together.

auto align 3

Black and White Conversion

The image below shows the result of the default Image > Ajustment > Desaturate conversion. Notice the red text is barely visible on blue or green background.


With the new Image > Ajustment > Black and White conversion, you can control the level of each color. For example, you can eyedropper on the red text, then use the slider to increase or decrease the level of the red color.

black and white conversion


CS3 also improved, changed or added some other tools such as: Bridge, Device Central (mobile), Camera Raw, Vanishing Point, and more. For more details on CS3 new features and release notes, please visit Adobe Labs.

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    i heavnt use photoshop cs3 but i hear that it have some awsome fetures any body can give some more detail?

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