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iPhone App: Lego Photo

Jan 18, 2010 13 Comments

To all Lego and iPhone fans: Lego just released a free app that lets you generate Lego brick mosaic images from any photo. The app is fun and easy to use. Tab to select a photo from your photo library or take a new photo with the camera. Then you can tab again to generate a different color theme. Visit the site at legoclick.com or download directly from iTunes.

Lego Photo

Parrot AR.Drone: iPhone-Controlled Helicopter

Jan 07, 2010 9 Comments

Wow! It is a helicopter that connects via WiFi and uses your iPhone’s display as controller. It has built-in cameras and ultrasound sensors that lets you take full control of the helicopter. You can even play reality games with it. Visit ardrone.parrot.com for more videos and info.

iPhone App: TiltShift Generator

Dec 14, 2009 3 Comments

TiltShift Generator allows you to quickly create retro-looking miniature pictures. It is available as: online app, Adobe AIR, and iPhone app.

tiltshift generator

Make Your Own Paper iPhone Dock

Nov 22, 2009 5 Comments

Do it yourself: make a paper dock for the iPhone. Download the template from dessinemoiunobjet.com, print it out, cut it and then fold it. Visit the site for more photos and a video tutorial.

iphone dock template