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Behind the Websites by Ricardo Gimenes

Feb 18, 2010 24 Comments

Behind the Websites is a project by Ricardo Gimenes where he showcases daily illustration about his thoughts on other people’s websites in a humorous way. His work is very creative and funny. I just spent half an hour flicking through his illustrations. Check out what he drew about Web Designer Wall.

web designer wall

Site: Art in My Coffee

Jan 11, 2010 17 Comments

Art in My Coffee is a site by Jina Bolton and Meagan Fisher where they showcase coffee art from around the world.

art in my coffee

Art That Are Created With Books

Dec 16, 2009 19 Comments

Books are not necessary just to read, you can also create art with it. Check out the photos below to see what you can create with books – from book sculptures to home decorations and furnitures. Source: Offbeat Earth

Paper Artist: David Brownings

Dec 15, 2009 16 Comments

Paper artworks by David Brownings.

Photorealistic Human Sculptures

Nov 20, 2009 3 Comments

I’m not a big fan of photorealistic human sculpture, but I was amazed by these artists’ skills. Note: these sculptures are done by different artists. Source: Web Designer Depot.

Pictures of Jellyfishes

Nov 13, 2009 1 Comment

If you have seen my recent Koi Fish illustration, you may probably notice that I like under water creatures. Here is a collection of jellyfish pictures that I found at Abduzeedo.

Liu Bolin – The Invisible Artist

Nov 11, 2009 5 Comments

Liu Bolin, a 35 year-old artist in China, manages to blend himself in his surroundings by painting his body to match with the scene. Source: Telegraph.co.uk

3D Escher Building by Subaqua

Nov 08, 2009 1 Comment

This is a 3D rendering by subaqua at deviantart. Would you live here if it is real? What a messed up room to live in.