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Why Mac Google Chrome is Better

Dec 09, 2009 57 Comments

I’m so excited to hear that Google finally released a beta version of Chrome for Mac. I’ve been using it for a day now and I like it so far. In fact, I have replaced my default browser setting with Chrome. Here are the reasons why I prefer Chrome over Firefox and Safari.

mac google chrome
Google Chrome for Mac – Less is More

Faster Speed

The speed is impressive in Chrome. In comparison with Firefox and Safari, Chrome is faster with the start-up launch and loading web pages. For these reasons, I am switching to Chrome. more

Product Review: SumoSac

Jun 22, 2008 1 Comment


Once again Sumo Lounge has launched another ingenious product: the SumoSac (super size bean bag). I received a SumoSac couple weeks ago for product review and I gotta tell you, it is one of the most comfortable bean-bag chair I have ever sat in. The SumoSac is a large suede sac filled with shredded furniture grade urethane foam. In addition to its comfort, the Sumosac is stylish and practical. The size of the sac is more than enough space to accommodate two people simultaneously, which is great for playing video games or just chilling with friends. The suede cover is soft and comfy, unlike the nylon cover of the Omni I got a while back. Best of all, it is removable so cleaning is not problem at all. For more details please visit their website.

Trendy Omni Beanbag

Sep 25, 2006 4 Comments

Omni Bean Bag

First of all, thanks to Andrew, from Sumo, for offering me an Omni beanbag. When Andrew offered me “the world’s most comfortable product”, the Sumo Omni, I thought he was joking. So I went to their website to do some research about this Omni product. I found out that Omni has been published in many famous places like TechTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, HGTV, and even Playboy Magazine. Since I was in need of a trendy lounge chair for my new apartment, I accepted the offer. It took me a while before I finally decided to choose a color, because there are too many beautiful colors available. As a designer, I think Sumo did a great job with the color selection because color is everything! more