Christmas Hat

This tutorial will show you how to create a furry Christmas hat with Illustrator roughen effect.

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Required: Illustrator 9+

1. Hat

Start your hat by drawing 2 basic paths and filling them with Linear gradient (red to darker-red).

hat paths

2. Shadow

Make a path (shadow path) like the image on the left. Select the top part of the hat, Copy & Paste in Front (Ctrl+F). Now, select the copied path and the shadow path, hold down Alt key and select Intersect shape areas in Pathfinder pallate.

intersect shape areas

Your path should looks like the image on the left. Repeat this step to make another shadow path for the bottom part of the hat. Then fill these 2 shadow paths with Linear gradient (red to darker-red), in your Transparency pallate, select Multiply.

select multiply

3. Fur

With your Pen Tool, roughly draw a path like the image on the left and fill it with grey color. Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Roughen

apply roughen effect

Roughen Options

In your Roughen window, enter the following setting: Size=8%, Detail=95/in, select Corner points. You may click on the Preview check box to preview your result.

roughen effect options

Make a copy of the grey path by holding down Alt + drag (you may use Copy & Paste if you like) and fill it with white. Scale it down a bit and bring it up slightly above the grey path. Select the top part of the hat and its shadow, bring them to front by Object > Arrange > Bring to Front (Ctrl+Shift+]).

copy fur

Use the Ellipse Tool to make the circle and repeat the previous step to make the furry ball.

furry ball


Your final illustration should looks like the image shown below.

final christmas hat

Have Fun

Now, have fun with your Christmas hat!

have fun with your christmas hat