Comic Style Strokes

This tutorial will show you how to use Illustrator’s Art Brush to create custom comic style strokes.

Download Source File

Required: Illustrator 8+

1. Create an Art Brush

Use the Pen Tool and create a path like the image on the left. Drag it to the Brushes Library pallate. If your Brushes is not showing, go to Window > Brushes or press F5.

create a path

New Art Brush

When the New Brush options window popup, select New Art Brush.

new art brush

Art Brush Options

Then the New Art Brush Options will pop out, leave everything as default, but select Tints for Colorization Method. Click Ok.

art brush options

2. Apply Your Strokes

Now you can apply this Art Brush to any stroke by clicking the Art Brush in the Brushes library.

art brush library

Bonus Tips

You can change your stroke color and weight to get various stroke effect.

final artwork