Illustrator Template

Do you have certain graphic elements (eg. logos, symbols, icons, etc.), Color Swatches, Graphic Styles, and Art Brushes that you commonly use in Illustrator? If your answer is yes, this tutorial might be helpful to you.

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Required: Illustrator CS


I personally use Adobe Illustrator alot, to save my time and work more efficiently, I have created serveral custom Libraries Illustrator Templates. I have one template with only RGB Color Swatches, one with CMYK Color Swatches, and one with minimal Library items. The minimal Libraries template has removed all unused/unwanted Library items and is use to create my Illustrator tutorial source file. This way I can cut down on the file size because each Library item in your file costs memory. The templates store the Color & Gradient Swatches, Art Brushes, and Graphic Styles that I commonly use in my illustration. Imagine the time it will cost if I need to remove all unused Libraries every time I create a new tutorial file. Or I need to open up an existing file to copy the Color Swatches & Graphic Styles that I want.

Illustrator Template can store: Artboard setting, Color/Gradient Swatches, Graphic Styles, Symbols, Layers, graphic placeholders, and more. For full detailed information on Illustrator Template, please read Illustrator’s Help files.

1. Create Your Custom Libraries

Most of you probably already know how to create Libraries, so I’m not going to explain all the details. Creating your Libraries is very easy, just drag your object in the Library pallate or select the object and click on the New icon. To remove your Library items, select the items that you want to remove and click on the Trash Can icon.

custom libraries

2. Save Your Template

After you’ve done with the Libraries, go to File > Save as Template and name your template that is best describe the content/setting of the file, ie. RGB Color Setting, For Print.

save as template

3. New From Template

Now go to File > New From Template and Adobe Illustrator will create a new file with all the setting you’ve created in your template.

new from template


Start making Illustrator Template now and save your working time!