iTheme is a WordPress theme that is designed for the Mac lovers with a truly customizable sidebar. As an administrator, you can customize your sidebar’s contents without modifying the source code using WordPress widgets (no programming required). As a visitor, you can rearrange the sidebar by drag & drop or you can collapse the box to hide it. Newer version is available here: iTheme2

Tested on: WordPress 2.2+

Download | Demo


  • This theme is released under GPL.
  • It is free to use for any purpose. Keeping the credit links in the footer is appreciated (optional).


  • Support WordPress Widgets.
  • Drag & drop sidebar
  • Tested on WordPress 2.0 and 2.1 on following browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Icons are from iMini set
  • Big thanks to for the drag & drop Javascript.




  1. My sidebar does not work?
    Make sure you are using a Javascript enabled browser. Also, some WordPress plugins add Javascript to your theme that might create conflicts. Try disable your plugins and reload.
  2. How do I customize the sidebar or add a box?
    If you are using WordPress 2.2, it should comes with WordPress Widgets. Login to your admin panel, go to Presentation > Widgets. If you are not using WP 2.2+, download widgets plugin from Automattic website.
  3. Do you have a 3 column theme available?
    I don’t have 3-columns iTheme available, but you can download a customized 3-column from MangoOrange.
  4. Do you have iTheme available in Drupal?
    Again, I don’t design Drupal theme,  but you can download a converted version from Drupal community.
  5. Can I translate and distribute your theme?
    Yes, as long you keep the credits at the footer as original and same terms of use will apply.
  6. Can I use your theme for my client project?
    Absolutely, as long you are not selling my theme directly.
  7. Do you have a licensed version that does not require linkback?
    If you really don’t want to give credit linkback to N.Design Studio, contact me for a licensed copy.

Premium Themes

Don’t forget to check out my premium themes at Themify. The themes come with a framework and numbers of custom widgets. With the framework, you can customizing everything from setting to CSS styling without any coding skills.