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Themify Flow: WordPress Theme Builder

Jun 11, 2015 15 Comments

I haven’t updated this blog for the longest time. Today I have something very exciting to present. I’ve been working very hard with the Themify team on a new theme builder for WordPress called Themify Flow. It is a lightweight, fast performance framework, which allows you to build responsive themes. Everything is done within WordPress with an intuitive drag & drop interface. No PHP or CSS coding required. Watch the video below to see how it works. It is a free open source project. Give it a shot!

Free MiniCards From Moo.com

Aug 07, 2012 1 Comment

I’ve partnered with Moo.com to offer a free set of 100 MiniCards. It is absolutely free. All you have to pay is the shipping and handling fee. You can print up to 100 different images in one pack. Hurry now, this offer expires August 31, 2012.

Moo MiniCard

New Illustration: Redesign The Web

Jul 12, 2012 9 Comments

Below is the latest illustration, Redesign the Web Poster, that I did for Smashing Magazine’s poster design contest: Redesign the Web, Redesign the World. The work is done with Adobe Illustrator and then touched up with Photoshop.

smashing magazine poster

New Pinterest-Like Theme

Jun 28, 2012 12 Comments

Check out this new Pinterest inspired theme I designed – Pinboard. It incorporated infinite scroll as seen on Pinterest site. The posts are auto loaded and stacked as soon you hit the bottom of the page. It is also responsive. Check the demo and resize your browser window to see how the layout adapts.

pinboard screenshot

Cake Based on Phoenix Illustration

Jun 01, 2012 16 Comments

Check out this awesome cake made by Elena based on my Phoenix illustration. According to Elena, it took her about a week, 5 hours each day, to finish it. I’m amazed with the details and colors she input on the work. It depicts the features of the Chinese phoenix. The cake was for a local cake competition. More photos available here.


New Ajax Ecommerce Theme

Mar 12, 2012 18 Comments

Check out my latest WordPress themeShopDock, an ecommerce theme that replicates the Ajax features as seen on IconDock. Not only does it look cool, but also provides a pleasant user experience. Buyer can easily add or remove items to the cart with a single mouse click. No more “back to shop” or page reloading every time an item is added. The items are added to the shop dock instantly and the cart total is updated automatically.


IconDock and Themify Coupon Code

Jan 25, 2012 6 Comments

If you are interested to buy icons from IconDock or themes from Themify, I have a coupon code for you. Use ‘ndesign’ coupon code on IconDock to save 20% off any icon sets. The discount code on Themify is also the same ‘ndesign’. You can save 20% off any WordPress themes.

Best Web Gallery Redesigned

Sep 01, 2011 20 Comments

I recently redesigned Best Web Gallery with responsive features. Check it out!

Best Web Gallery

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